Monday, June 06, 2005

Well that was interesting.

My very first blog.
I'm not yet sure which direction I'll go with this yet, but I thought that along with general musings about All Things Dog, I would use this e-space to track my writing projects.
Today was an unexpected day off from my other work life (as a painting contractor) because the client came back very late from vacation and when I called this morning to confirm, they were still asleep. Oopsie. So, tomorrow, then. And the friend I was going to go see Star Wars with called and postponed untill Thursday. Woohoo! A whole day of unstructured time!
So far I have walked one dog, played with my new camera phone, eaten half a cantaloupe, made several painting client calls, and noodled around online. Oh, and started a blog! My list of writing to-dos for today:
1: Create blog. Done.
2: Set up interview with philanthropist coffee shop owner for my East Village Magazine gig (I've just been upgraded from "reporter" to "staff writer.")
3: Call MDOT at try tracking down someone responsible for picking roadkill off the freeway for an interview. I dunno, I'm sure I can do something writerly with this. Plus I'm curious, in an icky sort of way.
4: Write another painting article for my Garden and Hearth site. I haven't even hit 1000 clicks yet, but what the hell.
5: Pull up my fledgeling book synopsis and try to get it organized enough to actually send to Dominique at T.F.H. Publications.
6: Bang out the remaining 23 business reviews for This is another "what the hell" project, but it shouldn't take more than an hour.

Hey I am so glad the hyperlinks work! I've never known how to do that before.
Now off to do some work before the midafternoon blahs hit me.


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