Thursday, June 16, 2005


I've read up on mosquitos. The wigglers are the larvae, the comma shaped things are the pupa (they don't eat) and both need to breathe air. The will drown underwater and are equipped with breathing tubes. The egg rafts in my little pond look like black grains of rice floating on the surface. The lifestyles of insects are called instars.
Achmed and Pierre eat them all with gusto, including the occasional drowned mosquito I toss in their bowls.

I am going to Chicago this weekend and Jennifer will come look after the dogs so I don't have to put them in a kennel. She will be instructed on the proper collection of instars and how to get them into the Betta bowls. She probably never knew she'd learn odd things like this being a professional petsitter. Jennifer was bitten rather badly by an ill-tempered Cairn Terrier last week, too. My Rottweilers are much nicer and more predictable.

OK, writing and a possible dust up at the EVM Corral. Apparently, some neighborhood groups don't like EVM being present, out of concerns for confidentiality - mainly when discussing local crime. Remember, I live in Murder Capital USA. Anyhow, this has been brought up at meetings I have covered. I dutifully record everything and leave it up to editor Gary to decide what goes to print. On Friday I had a meeting with Gary and he asked me to cover one of the more contentious monthly meetings, and stressed that I use full names whenever I quote. Rather than saying "a member voiced concern that...." or whatever. Which is usually what I do unless it's the president or a city council person or someone of note.
So tonight at the meeting there was quite a heated discussion about EVM's presence, how several people had been "maliciously misquoted" in previous issues and their lives were put in danger because of this. Nobody wanted me there, apparently. Or at least, they didn't want EVM there
Though a city councilman spoke up saying I was one of the good, discreet reporters and "not all their reporters were like G*** V****, some were responsible." Haha.
So, ummm, now what? I suppose I include names because Editor is Boss, but then I'll get glared at in future meetings and people won't trust me. C'est la vie. I'm just She Who Records and everything else I can blame on the Evil Editor.
I think my interviewing skills are not bad, and improving. Except I forgot to get the freakin' last name of the coffee shop owner last week and could not for the life of me find it online. I have to call him back & say, uhhh, hi, remember me? What's your last name? Sheesh.


Blogger MBT said...

When I forget to write down (or forget completely!) someone's name that I should already know, I call them up and say I need to confirm the spelling, so could they spell out their full names for me. No one has caught on to that trick yet!!!

10:42 AM  
Blogger Carina said...

Ha! And that is exactly what I did. Of course that might seem a bit odd if the person's surname is "Smith" or something. Luckily this guy's was a double-barreled French sounding name so I had a good excuse. :)

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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