Thursday, September 01, 2005

Trevor's new hair.

He came by this evening to help me move a pile of branches, dig postholes and set the posts for the extra part of the fence.
He has a new 'do - shaved, except for four laquered burgundy spikes along the top of his head. Wraparound shades, pants half way down his butt.
So, he came to Home Despot with me to pick up the fence panels and such.
We're pushing the big cart through the aisles. Customers are builders getting supplies for tomorrow, suburban homeowners picking up paint, choosing carpet, dropping in for garden supplies.
It cracked me up. A middle aged chicky, still covered with paint from the days work and a baggy Rottweiler tshirt. And this skinny 15 year old in full cool regalia. And that hair! Tee hee.
He's a hard worker, we got all the posts set by dark and the branches piled in a somewhat organized fashion.
I gave him $25.00, and he seemed suprised like he didn't expect to be paid. Silly kid.