Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Richfield County Park

So I'm still feeling all sad, so decided to take the Coop-man for a walk at Richfield. Miles of trails, big river, woods, fields, pretty. I thought he was over his little limping episode of Sunday, but within a mile he was obviously limping again. So I let him wander around in the river (he loves that), sniff along at his own pace, and spent some time sitting in a pavilion watching the world go by.
No exercise for the boy this week, and perhaps I wouldn't have been able to run him in next weekend's trial anyway. May take him to the vet later this week and have him looked at, get a letter saying he can't run. Not sure but maybe I'll get my $180 in trial entry fees back - if he's lame, I legitimately cannot run him anyway. Need to check the rule book.
I hope it's nothing more than a simple pulled muscle. His last Friday run was smokin' - he did 14 jumps and a tunnel clean in 20.48 seconds. Maybe he overdid it?