Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Pitbull puppys, $50.00

That's what the sign down the street says. There's way too much of this around here - all over the place, I imagine.
It was a big sign, painted on plywood...I tried kicking it down while walking the dogs early one morning, but they must've used humungous nails.
I also take down puppy ads stuck up in grocery stores, the ones with the tear off phone numbers along the bottom.
Take my lovely neighbors with the $50.00 pitbull "puppys." Say they have 8 pups to get rid of. First of all, these pups have had no vet care, I'm guessing. Plus, they were kept in the back yard. Their early education didn't get off to a great start.
Who is going to buy these puppies? Probably nobody who actually cares to raise them right, spay/neuter, that sort of thing. Chances are, most will wind up as back yard, chained dogs. Lots of those around here. If they get out and run loose, likely they will be picked up by animal control and killed. Shelters are full of unwanted dogs, and lots of pitbulls.
How many of these 8 pups will be neutered? Most likely, none. How many more unwanted puppies will be produced over the next few years by the dogs? Probably lots.
How many will be raised right, kept by caring, responsible owners? Probably none.
One or more may be used for fighting. This is not uncommon around here.
How many will be dead within a few years, after having produced more puppies? Most likely, none of them will live until old age. Most likely, quite a few of them will be responsible for more litters of puppies. Given away, sold for a few bucks, traded for drugs, a television, whatever.
A shockingly tiny percentage of dogs actually stay with the people who chose them as puppies, for their natural lives. I think less than 10%.
So. Is it better that these puppies go unsold and unwanted, and wind up killed early, or dumped in the overnight box at the county pound?
I think, probably. Given the larger picture.
I talked to someone recently, who told me she was a "breeder" of rat terriers. She had 4 puppies left from the last litter, 12 weeks old. Not as cute as they were a month ago. She was bemoaning the fact that nobody was responding to her newspaper ad, she couldn't sell them. She was trying to talk me into one, for cheap. I hope she decides that it's not worth breeding any more litters, if she can't sell the ones she has.
It's an awful and sad way to think. But I do, and that's why I take down puppies 4 sale signs.


Blogger iojima said...

Sad, but practical. Good thinking.

3:13 AM  
Blogger Carina said...

Thank you.
I hate that I think that way, it's horrible.
I live in a bad part of a bad city, and see the chained up dogs, stray dogs, dead dogs dumped in the park. That's the future for a large % of ghetto dogs, and it's not fair.

6:20 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

I know what you mean. I rescue pit bulls occasionally and always try to place them away from Flint. Next time you see a pit bull puppy for sale sign, let me know. I'll buy them all and find they real, loving homes away from this crazy place.

12:41 AM  
Blogger Carina said...

Christine, OK! :) The neighbor's sign is down, guess those pups are gone.
I'd love to get back into being a foster home, I used to do that. Unfortunately one of my dogs (Daphne) is quite dog aggressive, especially towards small dogs and puppies. She'd probably kill one. I can't even have a cat. sigh.
She'll probably live to be about 15, during whish time I'll be limited in what animals I can bring into the house...

6:16 AM  
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