Sunday, October 02, 2005

Elvis is in the house.

I've been ignoring my blog. Bad Carina. No cookie.
This is Elvis, who is apparently my new cat. He has startlingly bright blue eyes and heavy black eyeliner. Very 1980s glam rock cat. Also, a pink nose. He hugs in a rather endearing way, doesn't meow much, and is utterly unafraid of the dogs. Who kinda ignore him. Daphne hasn't tried to kill him, which is good. Cooper thought about it, but I grabbed his muzzle and backed him into a wall. Now he just sniffs Elvis's butt and lies down next to him.
Elvis is mostly outside. He runs up to greet me when I come home. He comes inside for food, then settles down on his stool. He also comes in for breakfast. I guess I need to get him neutered. He also chases the other cats away from the front door, though he's OK with them eating out front under the big tree.
I imagine he'll be inside more when it starts snowing and being really crappy outside. I hope he's a good mouser.


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