Saturday, May 06, 2006

Messengers of death.

Ravens have long been considered messengers of death, from Native American to Middle Eastern to Celtic lore. They can be seen all over the US, but usually avoid populated areas; they are carrion eaters and more often seen in rural areas. Ravens are extremely intelligent, vocal birds and have been known to mimic human speech. They are quite large, much bigger than crows with glossy black feathers.

A few days ago I was at my friend Linda's house. We were sitting in her dining room, chatting with her neighbor Stacey. The conversation turned somber as Stacey told us the story of her little brother's difficult life and very recent death of a drug overdose. He was found several days after he died alone in his apartment, by their father. A sad story and a sad death. Stacey started crying.
As we sat quietly for a moment and as Stacey composed herself, Linda looked to the window. "Oh, my God. Look at that." A raven was perched on a deck chair, right at the window, looking at us. Silent and glossy and still.
Coincidence? We were in suburban sprawl, ravens aren't common there.
Maybe it wasn't coincidence.


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Hi Carina! stopping by via blogmad! Atlas will have a new post up soon. He just got his 3rd Percorten and is doing very well! 144 lbs! Lord have mercy, if he keeps going his shot is going to cost me a small fortune! Heis worth it though...

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