Sunday, April 23, 2006

Oh, crap.

These are photos of our first agility trial, last August. That thing is called a dog walk. It's a bit daunting for the really big dogs because it's so narrow, but Cooper hasn't really had a problem with it. Until now.
Two weeks ago, in class he took a little tumble going up - didn't hurt himself at all. However, now he is refusing it and we have our first large trial of spring coming up this weekend. Three refusals in the ring, and it's a disqualification. I don't blame him one bit for losing his confidence on it...agility requires some pretty unatural things, especially for the big bulky dogs.
I have three more chances to get him comfortable again with it this week - tonight's class, tomorrow evening's drop-in and my instructor & I are renting another space on Friday afternoon, so he can have a go on different equipment.
I know he'll get past this, I just want him to do so by this weekend! He has got awesome speed and drive, he is very athletic and deserves a better handler. (I have two left feet.)
So, positive vibes - go, Cooper, go!


Blogger threecollie said...

What a great looking dog!

9:35 PM  
Blogger Carina said...

Thank you!
He is five and I just adore this dog, he has tons of heart and drive.

6:22 AM  

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