Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Carpenter Bees are back! BBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Here's a female, who bumbled into the house yesterday. Much larger than a bumblebee - she was over an inch long and sounded like a small, flying power tool banging against the window and buzzing.
After I took some pictures, I shooed her back outside with a rolled up copy of BARK magazine. Buzz buzz, woof woof.**
They can be really destructive, drilling perfectly round holes into wooden structures for their nests. However, last year I just had a couple of them around the back porch. Unless I get swarms, I will leave them bee (haha! I crack myself up.) The males are harmless - no stingers - and the females can sting, but only if cornered. They're really not aggressive.
They are good pollinators, favoring large flowers and fruit trees. Neither of which are in much abundance here; maybe that's why I only have a few.
Wikipedia page on carpenter bees.

**Margot, that's the copy I meant to send you ages ago, and couldn't find! Well, I found it. :~)