Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spaying and neutering - should it be enforced?

For dogs and cats, I mean. Not people, where in some cases I think it would be a sensible idea. But I digress.
Last year I wrote a little about about What They Don't Tell You about speutering.
I've been noodling around with revisiting this, since some cities are now legally enforcing surgical castration and hysterectomies on all companion animals, for "the common good." This trend is accelerating and I believe it is a scary and dangerous trend.

I am not saying spay neuter is a bad thing, it's not, although there are certainly some potentially serious downsides to early s/n. BUT if one is going to make an informed decision about doing major surgery - and spaying is major surgery - it's wise to understand both benefits and risks. Knowlege is power! And the politically correct information drummed into our heads is that there is NO risk to early speuter. Which, simply is not true! Read the links in the following....

Semavi Lady has done some fantastic research on this. Please go read what she has written on the lies we are being told about the "benefits" of early speuter. She says it better than I ever could have.

The photo above shows an Anatolian Shepherd at work, taken from the ASDCA website.



Blogger yellowdog granny said...

great blog..I left a message..I agree very much...and isn't that just the greatest looking dog she has on the side bar?..what a kissable face..

12:53 PM  
Anonymous jan said...

It's always good to make informed decisions instead of following like little sheep and doing what we are told, especially when it involves our children and our dogs.

11:46 PM  
Blogger Semavi Lady said...

Oooh, wonderful pic!

That pinto Anatolian is a cousin to my girl Ruya (the head pic on bottom left in my blog). Beka is her name. She had some pups that qualified for Eukanuba in S. Calif this year. She is a sweetie. She worked for several years as a service dog (mobility) with a friend that has MS and uses a wc. My SD, Aslan, was still around at the time.

Beka still works at the Gerlach Ranch out in Napa, California. Wonderful place!

2:55 AM  
Anonymous Great Dane Addict said...

Sorry, this is so upsetting to me that they can even *think* about making it mandatory ANYWHERE.

Do they know that in giant breeds early speutering can cause BONE CANCER! Sorry, not worth risking my dogs life.

Blah, now I'm all pissy.

11:55 AM  

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