Saturday, October 08, 2005

Oh well.

Just did another agility trial, a humbling and learning experience! We NQ'd THREE times and have yet to get that pretty purple "New Title" ribbon. Waaahhhh.
I was heartened by the fact there were more NQ's on the board than qualifying scores in every class, so we were hardly alone.
But I don't like not doing something well.
Guess I know what to work on now, control, contacts, contacts, contacts... Mr. Turbo-pants likes to launch off the top of obstacles, race exuberantly at the first thing he spots, and sometimes run around jumps just because he can.
Cooper had a blast, but he does need to differentiate between merely having a blast and working.
Back to class we go, back to class we go, hi ho de diddly-o, it's back to class we go....