Monday, August 07, 2006

And while I am at it.

New shoes!
OK, bear with me, this is really strange. On Saturday I realised out of a couple hundred people, only me and one other person was wearing Teva type sandals. (I dislike wearing shoes and wear sandals or go barefoot, mostly.) Everyone else was wearing sparkly high-tech important looking athletic shoes.
So, in a fit of insecurity, on Saturday night I went show shopping at the sports emporium type store. Found all the sparkly athletic shoes uncomfortable, but found these Tevas, really comfy.
So. I thought, these are so cool I should post a picture of them. Then Sunday morning early, I checked Leigh-Ann's tiredgirl blog and whaddaya know, she had a shoe post.
Leigh-Ann and I are developing a history of posting similar things simultaneously and I really am thinking we share a brain.
Here's her animal blog, can't recall how I ran across it but I have it saved.


Anonymous Leigh-Ann said...

Oooh, two plugs -- thank you! I was admiring some Teva sandals at the shoe store a few days ago, but I didn't buy them because I wasn't sure when I'd wear them. Around the house, I go barefoot or wear flip-flops, even in winter. Away from the house, I don't know if I'd be comfortable doing a lot of walking in sandals, so I tend to stick to tennis shoes. I'll tell you what bugs me -- the sensation of my foot sticking to the inside of the shoe. Flippy just ordered herself some Crocs, but I'm afraid they'd make my feet hot and hence, my feet would stick.

I'm taking a class next week with Flippy so I can train to be a loan officer. It's not my dream job, but it's a skill which could keep the bills paid if I can't work in an animal-related field. The course is two weeks long, and I wondered, Can I borrow our brain between the 14th and 25th?

p.s. Just bought a Vita-mix blender and we love it!

3:16 AM  
Blogger Carina said...

I love Tevas. About 15 years ago I broke a toe (well I think I did, it hurts to this day if I bend it wrong & was terribly swollen) then in the same month slashed the top of the same toe open in an encounter with a mirror. Bad month for that toe.
Anyhow, I couldn't wear closed-toe shoes for a couple of months and started wearing Tevas for work, still do. Until the snow flies, anyhow. I looked at the earth shoes, but find shows with arch supports uncomfortable; I'm happiest barefoot. they have some nice styles, though.
Loan officer, like at a bank? Kewl. You can keep all the brain but be aware mine has "dyscalculia" (that's a real thing) - and I can barely count. So be sure not to use the math bit of my brain.

5:45 AM  
Blogger Junebugg said...

I can't wear open shoes to work, hell when I'm in the field I have to wear steel toes (talk about hot!!!)

I've never owned Tevas but it sounds like I need to check them out.

1:32 PM  
Blogger Tabor said...

My 'romantic' hubby bought me some just like these for Christmas last year. While it wasn't the coolest of gifts, I do like them for canoeing and hiking in warm weather.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Rachelle said...

Those look comfortable. I will have to check them out. I to would rather be barefoot then anything. I hate to wear shoes.

2:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your tevas are cool! If you go to Israel, buy some sandals from Source. They're cool too!

11:51 PM  
Blogger Carina said...

Amishav, my sister lived in Israel for 19 years - moved to the UK 3 years ago - so I've visited several times. What's Source? (And, if you go again can you buy me a David's backpack? I'll front you the $$, I can't find them online!)

Junebugg, steel toe shoes sure would be hot to wear down your way. Yes, Tevas are great, started out one of the original river sandal type shoe. Now there's tons of styles - I have three - and most can be adjusted all sorts of ways to fit your foot. Perfect footwear for people who prefer to go barefoot.

Rachelle, me too. :)

Tabor, I think that was very thoughtful of your husband. I took one of the dogs for about a 3 mile walk in these last night and they didn't chafe anyplace.

6:39 AM  

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