Sunday, October 23, 2005

Nitwits, small children and big out of control dogs.

OK, I think this is not only stupid, but potentially downright dangerous.
On the way home from an agility fun match today, I stopped at Pet Supplies Plus to pick up good canned food for Elvis the cat.
Walk in with Cooper (Rottweiler). Half way up the aisle is a standard issue family of four, the little girl holding a large male St Bernard which outweighed her by about 100lbs. The Saint immediately charges us - I duck into the next aisle as the male parental unit grabs dog.
Now wouldn't you think even a minimally functioning parent would have the wits to take the leash of this dog at this point? Uh, no.
As we're cruising the aisles looking for cat food, I hear family in the adjacent aisle.. With Coop behind me, I poke my head around the corner to see if it's safe. Wouldn't you know, little girl is still holding the humungous dog and the parents have their backs to her talking to the store manager. Clearly these parents should not have been allowed to breed.
So, I say "Sir, could you please take your dog...."
At this point the dog charges around the corner, dragging the kid, Cooper is trying to lunge from behind me in full snarl, damn Saint is roaring, kid looks terrified, I am backpedalling trying to avoid a really ugly confrontation and all I can think is this little kid will be dragged into a dog fight involving maybe 300lbs of combined dog.
Father grabs dog, giving me a filthy look. Probably he didn't like being yelled at by a female stranger in front of his family, but wouldn't you think an apology was in order? Meanwhile the twenty-something store manager is standing there like a mute idiot. Saint is barking wildly and trying to drag father towards us. Cooper is growling like a bear, but staying put.
Get cat food, stomp up to the register, pay and request a word with manager. Inform him that it just might be a good idea to require that dogs should be in the control of an adult. He's blithering about store policy being only that a dog is leashed and he knew it wasn't my fault (gee, d'ya think?) Christ, a whole storeful of nitwit adults.
The last time this happened was maybe two months ago, when a large dog charged us at the Renaissance festival dragging a kid. Luckily I was with intelligent people who intervened. (Thank you Cheryl and HRH Queen Elizabeth the first.)

If Cooper or myself had been injured in any way I would be contacting a lawyer and suing Pet Supplies Plus. This is America, after all. I would really like a pristine Saab SPG turbo.

So, it might be adorable to let your cute little child walk your giant untrained dog around in public, but if you do so you should be neutered.
Oh, I forgot to mention. You know what the family was looking at when I first walked in? Large choke collars.


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