Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Killer skwirls today, testicles later.

I was going to write about testicles. I'm going to leave that topic hanging for a day or two (don't look at me like that) because I have more skwirl news.
(You'll want to come back for the testicle bit later. Really.)

First, remember how I have two Rottweilers? You know, great big killer dogs with big sharp teeth? So this morning I was out doing dog poop duty before work and a skwirl started threatening the dogs. She was upside down on the big maple tree, flipping her tail, showing nasty little yellow teeth and chattering like a wee banshee, about half an inch from lunging Rottweiler jaws. And she wouldn't quit, wouldn't move. In fact, she was sort of lunging back at them. I got worried about who would hurt who worse and hauled the slavering beasties into the house in case they got bit by a 2lb skwirl.
I think there's maybe a nest in the maple tree in my yard. Which is a really stupid location for a skwirl to have babies. She could've chosen my neighbor's yard, they have a Pomeranian.

And, I found an oddly entertaining Scary Squirrel website which I think y'all should look at. Courtesy of this funny lady.
Balls later, I promise.


Blogger JJ said...

Please discuss nuticles :-) I think those are hilarious :-)

Have a fantastic day!!

10:51 AM  
Blogger Carina said...

I absolutely will, you bet!
Plus another testicular product I think you'll find even more amusing...

7:10 PM  
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