Tuesday, May 09, 2006

More agility pics (doing things right.)

Well, maybe we aren't doing things so right here! I must have set him up wrong, he's coming over the jump in one direction and I'm trying to get the poor guy to turn left, mid-jump. We ran eight times over two days; I can't remember if I got him turned around.

Flying out of the tunnel and headed in the right direction. Good dog! Most dogs adore tunnels.

Making proper contacts, though I am clearly directing him quite emphatically. That's the judge in the background.

Wheeeeeeeee. (Do these pants make my butt look fat? LOL.)

Desperately trying to get ahead of my dog, since I had to direct him to the right, then back to the left to finish the last two jumps. He is getting better at working away from me - having had lots of obedience training makes it difficult for some dogs, since they are so used to staying by you (and on the left.) Sequences of staggered jumps are hard; Coop runs way faster than me and if I direct him wrong, he might take the jump at a funky angle and knock a bar down.

Pause-jump-pause. UKC only. This took forever to learn! The dog has to run to the first little platform and sit. Then hop over the bar and immediately sit again without leaving the second platform. If I recall, I was having a senior moment here and trying to remember where I was supposed to go next...uhhhh....crap where are those numbered cones....?

Another UKC thing, swinging bridge. The horizontal part is slatted and moves about, Coop's never had a problem with it though.

Crawl tunnel like a champ. One Shepherd got confused and tried to climb over this, at which point it collapsed.

With the exception of different jump heights, tiny little dogs and great big dogs run the exact same course. Generally I think it's easiest for medium-sized dogs - it is definitely more challenging for a large dog. Harder to make fast turns; harder to make all the contacts. Cooper is extremely fast and exuberant, and I make about one handler error per second. But, we are improving! (I think.)


Anonymous Leigh-Ann said...

I mean this in the kindest possible way, but a Rottweiler doing agility trials seems akin to an elephant doing ballet :) I think you and your dog are doing a great job at something that's obviously very challenging! I have a German shepherd who can walk backwards, but that's the extent of our tricks around here.

11:48 PM  
Blogger Carina said...

LOL, true - you don't see lots of really big dogs in the sport! I've heard of REALLY large dogs like Danes and Mastiffs competing, though I haven't seen any personally.
We're new at competing, but with agility, Cooper found his niche. He absolutely adores it.
I get many comments on his speed, he's surprisingly agile and athletic for his bulk. (The same cannot be said for his handler, unfortunately!)

6:28 AM  
Blogger threecollie said...

He looks like he is very happy and loving every minute of what he is doing....and you look pretty athletic from my perspective (and comparative advanced age) lol

9:51 PM  
Blogger Carina said...

Hey now with the age (48)...ha. I can manage to look athletic for about 60 seconds. :~)
Cooper adores it, he's just quivering at the starting line, can't wait to get out there and act like a crazy man.

5:19 AM  

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