Saturday, October 29, 2005

Wanna see a crack house in East Flint?

This lovely place was raided late August and subsequently boarded up. It was a buzz of activity before that. Cars coming and going, groups of men, women, little kids (sad) drinking and hanging out, chained pits, piles of trash. Two other smaller, active houses were evicted too.
It is three blocks from my house. Most of the other houses on the street are relatively well kept, some very well kept with nice gardens. In fact if you enlarge the top photo, you'll notice there's a cute little house just to the right, lots of flowers in the front yard. I bet they are delighted to see that place closed down, although living next to a boarded up apartment house can't be that great either.
I love the sign someone put high up on the telephone pole, too. (Apparently it is OK to hustle and be noisy before midnight.)
A bar on a nearby highway is having a "pimps and whores" Halloween party. A big sign out on the street. Sigh. The local Rite-Aid sells t-shirts saying things like "Pimp Daddy" and "Mickey's Malt Liquor, Breakfast of Champions." Great. At least I didn't see any in little kids' sizes.
And for the record, there are plenty of white crackheads around here too. Herds of them. Just to debunk automatic stereotyping.


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