Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Old Faithful and Fainting Goats.

These are Fainting Goats in Calistoga, California. My smaller brother Aaron & I visited the "Old Faithful" geyser, a petrified redwood forest, a small herd of Fainting Goats, several unhappy wet Llamas, and some grumpy looking, four-horned Jacobs sheep. All in one afternoon, gotta love California.

The goats were jaded and used to people saying BOO to them, so they didn't faint easily. I met some fainting goats at a farm with Cooper once; when he went over to investigate them they toppled over instantly, just like they were supposed to do. They are primarily raised for meat, being about 40% meatier than your average goat. I've always liked goats, with their flat little goaty eyes and head butts and curiousity.