Saturday, February 18, 2006

Stupid things people say when you are walking a Rottweiler.

  • Do it bite?
  • Is he mean?
  • Is he friendly?
  • Shit, I'd like to see him fight my pit.
  • How much does he weigh?
  • Is that a German Rott or an American Rott?*
  • I had a neighbor with a 270lb Rockwilder, head came up to here.*

*There is no difference. Well, I suppose there is, if the dog was born in Germany (or Austria, or Scotland, or Turkey....) Actually Germany has banned tail docking. If I'm feeling snarky I say "no, he doesn't have his tail" and keep going. The sort of person who asks this question is by definition clueless and can't figure out a response.

*The sort of person who tells you about the fabled humungous Rottweiler invariably calls it a "Rockwilder." Again, clueless. Not to mention lying. This one is terribly common - ask any Rottweiler owner. Many labs and Goldens are about the same size as a proper-sized Rottweiler, but their owners don't get asked this question often.

The standard calls for a "medium large" dog and mid size is "preferred." Which means the dog rarely should weigh much over 120lbs. Much bigger than that and you have an obese, or structurally unsound, unathletic dog.

In my neighborhood (Flint's East side, not for the faint of heart) generally people cross the street when they see me coming. Especially when I am walking both of them. It's pretty funny, not to mention I feel quite safe.