Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I wrote an award winning book about feeding dogs.

I wrote Raw Dog Food.
Available through Dogwise, Sitstay, Jeffers, Amazon, Borders and anywhere else that sells books. You can even order it through Walmart online. Although I do not approve of Walmart and suggest you not give them your business. Just sayin'.
It won the Dog Writers Association of America's 2003 Maxwell Award for Best Book Under 100 Pages, and I got to go to their awards banquet during the 2004 Westminster dog show. Which was extremely cool and fun! I was so honored.
Anyway, I'm not terribly good at self promotion. The book is still selling very briskly and appears to have excellent reviews all over the place, so umm, I think y'all should go buy lots. :) I've had people send me copies to sign. They get the book back signed both by me and one of the dogs. (A pawprint in the paint color of your choice.)
I also have an insanely high volume and helpful yahoogroup. Tons of very friendly, knowlegable people discussing dog nutrition and just about everything related to dogs.


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