Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Old, overgrown dog cemetery.

A dog cemetery dating back to the 1920s was uncovered by a developer who bought a large tract of land to build a subdivision. The centerpiece is a huge solid granite memorial to War Dogs. The memorials range from ornate polished granite headstones to concrete stepping stones with the dog's name and date of death. Difficult to estimate because so many were overgrown - but there had to be at least 200 dogs buried there. Strange thinking of all those remains under my feet....the day I went was grey and cold. A typical late winter Michigan day appropriate for tromping around an old cemetery.
Adjacent to a busy road with traffic whooshing by, in the woods, and all overgrown with ivy and grass. The most recent headstone I saw was dated 1978. One - for Blacky - sported a sad sprig of weathered purple silk flowers - someone must still be paying homage to Blacky all these years on. He must have been a WW2 war dog. His headstone reads:

GERMANY 1950 - DETROIT 1964.
Memories of you will always live with us.
The Ainhorn Family.

Ivanhoe-Huntley Homes kindly decided not to bulldoze over the old cemetery. In the backhoe photo, the war dog memorial stone is just visible in front of the cab, way back in the trees. The old cemetery takes up about a half acre and is backed by a large swamp. Funny, I've driven right by this place many times - not many people know about it. I was only clued in by a small blurb in the local paper.


Blogger M said...

Hey Carina! Monica from the MPE (well, not lately) and Rottie mom to 3 beasts. LOL How the hell are you? I loved your "stupid things people say..." Honey I have heard em all, including, "man I hadda punch my rot in the head to teach him anything!! Are you gonna breeed this dog?" Hope to catch up with you soon, I have pics of my babies...they are really getting big!! Cool cemetary, too.

12:43 AM  
Blogger Carina said...

Hey Monica! How's down by you? I'll bet those puppers are pretty big by now, you need to share some pics. :)
Maybe at a spring plant exchange; I don't follow the forum (no time) but I get updates from C & C....bring a dog! I probably will.
That cemetery and war memorial was interesting, for sure. Cooper peed on some of the markers. haha!

8:45 PM  
Blogger M said...

Hey, it's all good.:o) And the pups are HUGE. Oz stands 28" at the shoulder! So, not conforming, but who gives a shit??? He's my big BEAST! Not sure about the plant exchange, I haven't been in touch with anyone from the site, got busy here with the kids and the hubby.Had some health issues with the 15 yr old, but it looks like that's all working out ok. Anyways, send me an e-mail update! English_Rottweilers@yahoo.com, I'll send you some pics. TC, Monica

12:54 AM  
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