Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Things only someone who feeds a raw diet would understand.

That you couldn't take a shower this morning because there's a 65lb case of frozen beef hearts defrosting in your tub.
You drive 160 miles round trip to pick up 50lbs of reeking green tripe because the dogs adore it so.
You get extra-super-duper excited when you hear your main supplier is now adding beef trachea, lungs and gullet to the tripe mix.
Chickens go on sale for .59/lb at Kroger and half the people you know are calling each other with the happy news.
But only doing so after they've cleaned out the butcher case at their own local store.
You've forgotten what doggie breath and dog farts smell like.
All the local butchers know you as the Crazy Dog Lady.
A good friend calls with the news her dogs refuse to eat the emu heart she just bought them, and would you like to trade 30lbs of emu heart for 30lbs of ground rabbit?
There's 46 posts (and counting) to the discussion on your raw e-group about whether yoghurt is a good probiotic source for dogs. And it gets heated because people can't agree.
And, you care about this.
Your spare freezer contains 120lbs of raw meat for the dogs, a half gallon of Peanut Butter Passion icecream and a four-pack of black bean burgers for the human in the house.
You see dead deer on the side of the freeway and think....hmmmm. 200lbs of free dog food.

Yes, it all gets a bit weird sometimes.


Anonymous Rachelle said...

You know dog gas still happens at this house all the time. I really though raw would help out. Peanut is just a gassy guy I suppose and nothing will change that. :)

9:27 AM  
Blogger Carina said...

Hey Rachelle! Maybe he needs yoghurt for probiotics bwahahahaha.
Seriously, after 15 years of *constantly* farting Rottweilers, I think maybe once a year now I smell a dog fart.
Hark! What's that odor wafting on yonder breeze....?

6:37 PM  

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